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Friday, September 24, 2010

Powidla Sliwkowe-Plum Butter with a twist!

Nan and I gathered another huge bag of plums from our little plum tree and with that and the enormous Wolf River apples, courtesy of a friend, I was able to can 9........1/2-pint jars of pure plum and apple butter BLISS!

Powidla Sliwkowe Polish for Plum Butter is made without straining the pulp of the cooked fruit, so you are able to get that beautiful full bodied flavor of the fruit. An added plus is the deep plummy color of the butter with bits of the plum peel incorporated into the mix along with the golden color of the fruit from the Wolf River apples---My own twist on the traditional Plum Butter recipe!

This butter is great on scones, toast, English muffins and to note, traditionally the Powidla Sliwkowe is use as the fillings in Paczki!

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