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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Just a few snaps taken early this morning----We have been blessed with abundant rain and plentiful sunshine all summer long!

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sweet locus lane farm said...


Thank-you for visiting my blog this week, I seemed to have many visitors which was a real treat as it has been one of those weeks where crying in bed was a good option. I am much cheered up now. I have taken a look at your blog. You are a very creative person as well. I envy that you can make soap. It is my hit list for early this fall when all the crops are in. I have now located where I can find all the ingredients and the costs, just need to do it. This year I learned how to needle tat and make my own pasta. I enjoy the homemaking aspect of life and stretching out in what I can do.I also like your red work on the side bar. This is a project I plan to do next, only in "blue".