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Saturday, May 22, 2010

By the Bay Lilac Linen Water and Lavender Linen Water

By the Bay is pleased to introduce to you our very own line of Linen Water in two scents Lavender-very therapeutic and relaxing and Lilac- the very essence of spring time freshness.

Linen water is traditionally used by French women to perfume sheets and also linen water is a subtle way to add fragrance to your home.

The aromatic fragrances of Lilac or Lavender help ease away stress and anxiety promoting a peaceful sleep. So spritz those pillows before climbing into bed after a long and tiring day!

Linen water is also soothing on skin helping your to cool down and freshen up!

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Keeper of the Past said...

I am dreaming of the great fragrants now...where do you sell your goodies?