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Friday, February 19, 2010

Up for bid!

I have never done an item auction before so bear with me!

You can comment below the post and indicate whether you would like a bidders #-number.

I am placing this sweet vintage double wedding ring lap quilt up for bid. The top came from Texas and was made from what I was told around 1930. I lined the quilt with unbleached batting and on the underside I used a very soft all cotton sheet. The quilt is bound with very narrow seem binding. My stitches are small and even for the most part. This quilt is all hand stitched and it took me quite a while to complete. The colors are marvelous! Sky blue and crisp white!

We are a smoke free home.

I will keep a running bid every day on my blog. And this is how I will have it listed:

Bidder #1------------------$25.00---------02/20/10

Bidding will begin on Saturday, February 20th and will conclude the following Monday, March 1st at noon central time.

The highest bidder will win the quilt then I will notify her via e-mail what the final bid was-she can forward a check or money order and when that is received I will post the quilt (flat rate box with tracking and insurance) ship it free of charge.

I hope I covered everything and that it make sense the way I have it set up!!

I will open the bidding at $25.00

Good Luck Ladies!

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khartquilt said...

how big is this quilt?