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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Luxuries of Mackinac Island, MI.
Little Luxuries

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Thank you Nicole for the post!


Northern MI Soap

I love handmade in MI products and locally (or nearby) products. New this year in Little Luxuries will be By the Bay Handcrafted Soap from the Upper Peninsula. The soaps are so nice...I am currently using the scented clemintine soap which is very refreshing and soft on your skin. Melody, the maker of these wonderful soaps, uses the finest oils, herbs, essential oils and fragrances. She has a wide-variety of fragrances to choose from. Check out her blog and etsy shop to learn more and you can buy them in my shop starting this May!

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Brenda Brownmoose said...

If you have never tried this WONDERFUL SOAP...DO IT TODAY. This is one of the few delights that I allow myself daily. IT IS TRUE PAMPERING. I have an array of many different soaps in my time and this is TRULY THE BEST.
Thanks Melody for being green and creating such a fine product.